“I remember moving to different towns to avoid the gunfire. I remember a lot of stress and uncertainty in my family. I remember seeing dead bodies and injured people. I had family members who were amputees. My family stayed in Guinea for two months before we were evacuated to the states. I didn’t really know what was going on, or what the fighting was about.” - Ode Tha Hustla

London born Ode’ Tha Hustla (pronounced O-Day), spent the first few years of his life in Sierra Leone, West Africa, where he witnessed much tragedy. He eventually came to America as a refugee at age 8 with his family to avoid the civil war in Sierra Leone. Ode’s experiences molded him into the ‘Hustla’ that he is today, while his African background molds the melodies in his music.

Landing in the DMV (Metro Washington DC area), Ode’ spent his teenage years doing freestyle battles and cyphers in his neighborhood. He became inspired when he watched Michael Jackson tapes as a kid and saw how every move that he made on stage received a reaction from the crowd. This sparked a curiosity in him that lead him to form his first rap group.

“I was in a rap group called “The Major Ballers” as a youngin. We came up with songs but we never recorded. We ain’t have no money,” Ode laughs.

Not having money shifted his focus from music to hustling, which ended up taking him down the wrong path.

"I knew i wasn’t about to get a job and wake up early in the morning for minimum wage so I always found other ways to get money. Those ways usually ended with me getting locked up at some point and time. Being in a cell I always told myself that I had to be legit, but as soon as I got out of there the streets sucked me back in. This was an ongoing thing. I always had a passion for music but I never pursued it because I was doing good doing the wrong sh*t.“

Eventually Ode’ became tired of living life in and out of prison bars so he decided to put all of his focus into writing his own. He released his first single, “Mo Money,” produced by MJ Nichols earlier in 2015 and it ended up received spins on Power 105, NY and on internet radio.

“The song (Mo Money) is basically about wanting more for yourself. No matter how bad or good you’re doing.”

The buzz from the single lead to him doing a plethora of shows including Ibiza Nightclub: D.C. where he opened up for Rich Homie Quan, Magic City ATL where he opened up for Shy Glizzy, Star Bar in Raleigh, NC where he opened up for Bankroll Fresh and a ton of other shows including: Pure Lounge, Liv Nightclub D.C.: Coast 2 Coast Artist Showcase, Look Lounge D.C.: DMV Spotlight, Club Medusa NYC: Ultimate hip Hop Showcase, 300 Charlotte, NC; GME Lounge ATL: Knockouts ATL: Promo tour with Tampa Mystic, and more. His freestyles have been posted to numerous blogs including ThisIs50PatIsDopeHipHopZilla, and DMVLife.

Currently, Ode’ is in the studio working on his project due to release mid 2016. In the meantime, you can stay in touch with him by subscribing to his mailing list, and following him on Twitter and Instagram.